Rose Quartz Tower

Rose Quartz Tower

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This year is all about re-discovering yourself, your body, your passions, your joy, your self-worth, even your spirituality. So grab some crystal vibe and cleanse that soul, babe.

All of our crystals and sets come from Geo Central, who specializes in crystals, rocks, and souvenir goods since 1978. What began with selling handmade seashell crafts has grown across the globe. GeoCentral is proud to deliver unique, genuine, and beautiful products, while prioritizing ethics and sustainability.

These Rose Quartz Towers are stunning natural home décor pieces. Rose quartz radiates a soft, pink glow and a gentle energy that fills the space where the towers are placed.


  • Rose Quartz
  • Size ranges from 3" - 5"
  • Sizing is not guaranteed and is chosen by our team of Golden Gem Shipping Baddies depending on availability.

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