Our Commitment

Golden Gems operates on the idea that there is a badass inside of everyone. One that sparks creativity, pushes us forward, and gives us confidence. We exist to inspire that inner badass to unapologetically be who you are, take up space, and live life on your own terms.

However, we want to be more and we want to be better.

We want to be a company that recognizes its privilege and extends it so those without. As a business run by two white women, we will be listening to the voices that have been silenced and unheard for far too long and make sure they are heard loud and clear. 

We want to be a company that gets involved with its community. We commit to finding more ways to be active within the community of St. Louis. We will be donating time monthly to organizations and programs that help enrich our community and represent the beautiful diversity of our city. 

We want to be a company that gives back. We commit to continually donate a portion of our sales every month for as long as we are a business to organizations fighting for justice for people of color, for the oppressed, and for marginalized communities. 

The centuries long standing of systemic racism and injustices against black people can no longer be tolerated. No more police brutality. No more unchecked racism. No more silence. Black people are hurting and it's time we all listened. It's time act. Black lives matter.

Golden Gems supports those yearning to be heard. YOU are a badass. YOU don’t need to apologize for who you are. YOU are allowed to take up space. YOU MATTER.