GG Gives Back

We believe there’s a badass inside of everyone. 

We’re here to INSPIRE you live unapologetically, take up space, and live life on your own terms. 

We’re here to AMPLIFY our community’s diverse feminine and queer power by raising awareness for causes that impact women and the LGBTQ+ community in St. Louis and beyond. 

We’re here to CELEBRATE individuality, authenticity, femininity, diversity, and inclusion. Life isn’t easy, so let’s make it fun. 

We do this by designing and making products that subtly remind you to be bold and boldly remind everyone that you are here. 

Let’s make cool shit, take no shit, and have a damn good time while doing it! You’re a fucking gem.


Part of being a badass means giving back. We do this by raising awareness, donating money, time, and resources through community involvement and collaborations.

Check out some of the organizations we support.