Susan and Amanda as young children


— you know … from birth.

Sisters, Amanda Helman and Susan Logsdon, are the co-founders of Golden Gems, a cheeky home goods and gifts brand located in St. Louis, MO. The sisters grew up on Golden Gem Road in Apopka, Florida among the orange groves.

While bringing a bit of Florida to the Midwest, the Golden Gems ladies make products that inspire and empower. They’re a little offensive and a little inappropriate, but that is just how they like it!

Amanda Helman Amanda is the younger sister, the woman behind the Golden Gems Instagram, and the hands that most likely packaged your orders. She loves supplying the attitude to the Golden Gems brand. She loves cats, and she’s an 8 on enneagram.

Susan Logsdon Susan is the older sister of the pair…by 3 years. Susan is a lover of the creative process and enjoys writing and playing music, baking, designing, and naturally enjoys designing new Golden Gems products. She hates bees and wants to be on the Wheel of Fortune.

“We believe there is a badass inside every one of us. It sparks creativity, pushes us forward and gives us confidence. Golden Gems exists to inspire your inner badass to unapologetically be who you are, take up space and live life on your own terms with products that subtly remind you to be bold or products that boldly remind everyone that you are here.”

xoxo – amanda + susan