Job Opportunities

Operations Manager

Full Time

  • Extremely detailed and process oriented, helping to implement processes while keeping timelines and schedules of production and processes
  • Strong Excel skills and highly analytical in nature
  • Self-starter/takes initiative, you see an issue and you find the best way to fix it quickly
  • Trustworthy – a keyholder and will be communicating on behalf of owners.
  • Ability to properly analyze large sets of data and put together key take-aways to report to the larger team
  • Attention to detail 
  • Retail experience or customer service experience required 
  • Outgoing and friendly, ready to talk to anyone
  • Excellent communicator – must be able to communicate clearly with staff and on behalf of owners
  • A shared appreciation for our brand and belief in our core values
  • Point person for shipping all online orders with care and accuracy
    • DTC
      • Responsible for all customer orders from beginning to end  
        • making sure they go out the door in a timely manner.
        • Local pickups managed
    • Wholesale Orders (more info below)
  • Inventory 
    • Receiving and processing new inventory
      • Efficiently processing new inventory
        • counting and adding to inventory 
        • packaging
        • skuing
        • Preparing for retail floor
      • Manage all products uploaded to ecommerce site 
    • Product Inventory Management 
      • Maintain accurate inventory at all times
      • Work with shop manager to ensure inventory is accurately reflected at all time through cycle counts
      • Monitor inventory levels and reorder as necessary
    • Supply Inventory – Shipping supplies, and Packaging materials for products
      • Keep a log and calendar of what’s in stock and what’s needed
      • Knowing when product is coming in and what will be needed to get it processed
  • Maintaining a packaging spreadsheet with current status and full timeline – working with the Product Development team on what is coming in.
    • Inventory of what we have on hand.
    • Keep a calendar of what is coming in and what will need packaging when it comes in 
    • Communicating with the store manager on priority list of packaging
  • Designs and implements office systems to streamline operations
    • Assess current practices and make recommendations for improvement
  • Customer Service 
    • Handle DTC customer service issues through emails, phone calls, and in person.
    • Compile customer feedback and bring any issues to the Product Development Teams attention.
    • Issue refunds when necessary
    • Assist in creating personalized customer experiences that lead to higher customer loyalty and retain rate
  • Wholesale
    • Maintaining relationships with wholesale customers (ex: reaching out when you think there is a new product you think they will like, offering suggestions for different products if needed.)
    • Sending out mailers and flyers to wholesale customers
    • Shipping out orders
    • Accompanying owners to wholesale trade shows
      • Acquiring new wholesale accounts (strong selling skills)
  • Manager on Duty 
    • Coach and develop successful sales associates with focus on customer satisfaction
    • Communicate with all levels of the management team
    • Provide constructive feedback, resolve all concerns and take disciplinary action as needed
    • Maintain strong product knowledge of the brand as well as seasonal trends
    • Maintain clear, clean and focused store layout
    • Build and maintain strong relationships with the team, customers, and colleagues
    • Prepare weekly and monthly reports
    • Ensure company policy and procedures are adhered to
    • Oversee store operations, including, but not limited to maintaining stock (organization, replenishment, and inventory control) and store cleanliness and general housekeeping
Perks and compensation
  • Competitive, full-time salary
  • Health benefits
  • Employee discount
  • Creative and team forward environment

If this sounds like you, please send your resume and cover letter to

Sales Associate 

Part Time – up to 25 hours

We are looking for someone who is a self starter and a team player. Customer service and a friendly attitude are a must. We love Golden Gems and when hiring we want associates who are just as excited. You’ll need to be open to multi-tasking and helping with anything because change is inevitable, but we’ll make it fun! Attention to detail is key and communication is a must. We want someone who is willing to learn and grow with us in this brand new venture.

  • Attention to detail
  • Retail or Customer Service experience; at least 2 years
  • Friendly and Outgoing personality
  • Self-starter and wanting to learn; takes initiative
  • Willing to multitask and work in team environment
  • Outstanding customer service skills
  • Night and weekend availability
  • Provide exceptional customer service
    • Responding to questions or asking if not knowledgeable
    • Directing customers to products of interest and merchandise within the store
    • Greeting customers upon entry, introducing yourself and improving engagement with customers and merchandise
    • Introducing new promotions and events to customers
    • Strong communication skills
    • Phone skills, directing calls, screening calls
  • Restocking and maintaining merchandise
  • Maintaining sales floor and displays
  • Product Knowledge of previous products and collections as well as new products and upcoming collections
  • Weekend availability and flexibility
  • Operating POS and maintaining cash register
    • Returns and exchanges
    • Maintaining cash drawer
  • General cleaning
    • Keeping the shop clean
    • Water the plants
    • Take out the recycling/trash
    • Sweeping
    • Dusting
    • Do your own dishes
    • Staying organized
  • $13 an hour 
  • Employee discount
  • Creative and team forward environment

If this sounds like you please send your resume and cover letter to