#ImaGoldenGem Project page header. I'm a Golden Gem, live unapologetically
You Are Magic Baby
You've Got What It Takes
You Are Solid Gold
You Are A Gem

Golden Gem’s Mission

We believe there is a badass inside every one of us. It sparks creativity, pushes us forward and gives us confidence. Golden Gems exists to inspire your inner badass to unapologetically be who you are, take up space, and live life on your own terms with products that subtly remind you to be bold or products that boldly remind everyone that you are here.


We started the I’m a Golden Gem Project to inspire self-acceptance and self-love. Even the most confident people have insecurities; no one is immune. It’s empowering to be vulnerable about our insecurities and that’s what makes you a badass. Being a badass doesn’t mean you have to be tough, assertive, intimidating, or in a biker gang…but you can be!

It’s about being unapologetically you.

Because you are magic, you’ve got what it takes, you are solid gold, and you are a fucking gem…a golden gem.



This project started with a sticker campaign. We wanted to ignite that badass inside you with little reminder stickers posted around the city for you to see while stopped at a light on your way to work, walking your dog to the farmers market, or even reapplying your lipstick at your favorite bar! We put stickers up everywhere we went, included them in orders, and gave them away.

We loved seeing the response of the stickers and we wondered how we could do more.

During 2020 we will also be sharing stories of individuals in the St. Louis area who are living their best, authentic, badass lives.

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